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Radio France Toowoomba: one year on!

One whole year of Radio France Toowoomba! Michael has now got some 60 shows in the 'can'. These are broadcast on Community Radio station 102.7FM DDB at the regular timeslot of MONDAYs at 6.00pm (18.00).

In this time Michael has covered a very wide range of French music. As well as regular “variétés” lists, there have been specials such as Musique du Cinéma, Musique Celtique and du Pacifique, Mai ‘68 & protest songs, Chansons de Guerre (for Anzac Day) and a couple of lists of French versions (often the originals) of well-known English songs.

Recently Michael has presented a 'techno' list, two 'super contemporaines' lists with songs which came out as summer 2021 releases in France.  A Musique Québecoise list, a Quatorze Juillet list and some other specials are planned for the coming weeks.

Michael’s first year at 102.7 has coincided with major upgrades to the studios in Scholefield Street. This has curtailed the opportunities to have guests in the studio but these works are almost complete. Michael has interviewed Alexis (Présidente de l’Alliance Française de Toowoomba) twice and Joël, newly arrived from La Côte d’Ivoire, via Spain. He looks forward to interviewing other francophones this year. Josephine Birch and Jesse Kupper performed four songs from Josephine's vast French repertoire live in the studio early in June.

Michael is always happy to play your requests and talk about your choice of songs and what they mean to you.  So why not choose eight or nine songs: music, a poem, a book for your own playlist and come into the studio to record these songs.  There was/is a Dessert Island Discs show in the UK ... so this idea is not original (

One of the requirements of an ethnic broadcast is to include information for local populations. So, although this has been called Radio France Toowoomba, it should really be Radio Francophone. Michael is interested in any input from French-speaking populations in the Darling Downs. Please send any requests, suggestions, news from pays d'origine to so Michael can fulfil this requirement better.

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