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Radio France Toowoomba: 3 years on!

Presque trois ans déjà…Well, three years in April of Radio France Toowoomba on 102.7 4DDB Darling Downs Community Radio. I am currently listening to playlist number 146, to be recorded soon for broadcast on 13 February. There have been many highlights along the way but none more than recordings with Clémence Ousset-Vignal, a fellow AFT teacher. Clémence chose eight songs and explained their significance in her life.

There have been other specials along the way such as a performance by Josephine Birch with Jesse Kupper; a show featuring an interview with Pauline Maudy of Mzaza fame when she came to Toowoomba with her Take Me to Paris show. I have also put together several specials: Francis Cabrel, Serge Lama, Patrick Bruel, the latter two for their new albums released towards the end of 2022. There have also been some specials for world events such as Unis Pour L’Ukraine and Unis pour Le Liban (at the time of the massive explosion in Bagdad) and World Environment Day. One very special programme was for the 80th anniversary of La Rafle, the roundup of Jews in July 1942 in Paris. Radio France Toowoomba is not always so serious and I have certainly enjoyed discovering many new talents.

One thing I am very pleased about is the variety of songs, singers, and styles that I have brought to the airways of 102.7, but I am always looking for more. Donc, please tune in at at 18.00 on a Monday for a very wide variety of French music and some news, mostly from SBS French.

PLEASE! If you are a francophone and would like to be a guest on Radio France Toowoomba email me at and we can discuss your programme in more detail.

Michael Murtagh

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