Library Rules And Policies

Definition of Terms

Library refers to the library of the Alliance Française de Toowoomba situated in its office at Suite 1, Level 1, 217 Margaret Street, Toowoomba. 

Management Committee refers to the Management Committee of the Alliance Française de Toowoomba.

Item refers to any book, magazine, CD, DVD, LP or other item that is part of the library collection and that is property of the Alliance Française de Toowoomba, inc. 

Library staff is any person or persons appointed or authorised by the management committee to manage, operate or maintain the library. 

Member refers to any current member of the Alliance Française de Toowoomba. A member is considered current only if he or she has paid the full annual membership fee for the current year. 

Hours of Operation

The Alliance Française de Toowoomba library will open approximately once per month on a date and time as advised on the Alliance Française de Toowoomba website. 

Eligibility to borrow

Current members who present valid membership cards issued by the Alliance Française de Toowoomba are eligible to borrow materials from the Alliance Française de Toowoomba library, provided the following conditions are met -

  1. the member has no borrowed item that is overdue. A borrowed item is overdue if it has not been returned to the library on or before the due date;
  2. the member has no outstanding fees or fines owed to the Alliance Française de Toowoomba; and
  3. the member has not been excluded from the library. 

The library staff may not waive these conditions without specific permission from the Management Committee. Any member with overdue items will not be allowed to reserve items until all overdue items have been returned.  

Length of Loans

The Alliance Française de Toowoomba Library circulates materials in a variety of formats. These materials may include books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, games and other items.   

A member is permitted to borrow a maximum of five (5) items, as well as reserve a maximum of five (5) items.  

All borrowed items will be due for return within four (4) weeks. Any borrowed item is considered overdue, if it has not been returned by the due date.  

Any borrowed item may be renewed for an additional two (2) weeks.

Members may reserve any item that is not immediately available for circulation. When the requested item becomes available, the library will notify the member via email. The library will put the item on hold for a period of one (1) week.

Lost or Damaged Items

Each member is responsible for the items that he or she borrows from the library. For any borrowed item that is lost or damaged beyond repair, the responsible member must provide the replacement cost for the item according to one of the following criteria-  

  1. replacement cost will be the current retail price including shipping; or
  2. if a current retail price is not available, the Management Committee will determine a reasonable replacement cost.

Requests for Acquisition

The library encourages member interest in the library's collection and will seriously consider all requests for specific acquisition. The library is under no obligation to act on any particular request; the library will decline any requests for items deemed not suitable or inappropriate to the collection.  

Donations and Gifts

The Alliance Française de Toowoomba Library is grateful for gifts, and its collection has been enriched by donations of materials as well as by contributions. The library has been able to acquire through donors items which could not have been purchased otherwise. In accepting items as gifts, the library reserves the right to decide whether or not items donated should be added to the collection. Of the many books and other materials generously donated, a considerable number are added to the collection. However, a few items may be rejected due to any of the following reasons -

  1. the same or similar item is already in the collection. As we have limited space in our library, we have to avoid duplication;.  
  2. the item is outdated or deemed of little circulating value to the library; or
  3. the item is in poor condition.

Donated items will be judged by the same standards of selection as those applied to the purchase of new materials. Gifts that are  useful to the library collection will be retained, while others will be disposed of in a manner the Management Committee deems appropriate.  

Library Decorum

All library patrons and visitors are expected to behave in a manner showing consideration towards others.  

The Management Committee of the Alliance Française de Toowoomba reserves the right to alter the library rules and policies without prior notice.

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